The Three Lost Scriptures - they are Key to our Faith - That in which Distinguishes us - from Non-Believers

or Blood on the Leaves - the Three Keys- of the book of E's - Sacred texts of Divination of "OUR NEW FAITH"

"OUR NEW FAITH" A BASIC BREAKDOWN OF THE FOUNDING ARTICLES - Opening Utterance - "Rah – Saan – Emet – Ben – Yah - Min" ( TRANSLATES TO =GOD'S SON, BRING US DIRECTLY TO THE TRUTH OF GOD'S MEN ) The BOOK of Enki- One of the great "REVELATIONS" of our time 400,000-1,000,000 yrs old Which Teaches us: That Civilization at an Advanced level & Intelligence with an Elevated IQ- and specifically Speech – Was a gift from the African God.. . Enki ( also known as Egyptian God P-Tah ) Father of Ra ( Marduk ), and is the Uncle of Thoth ( Tehutii ) - Who's Wife is - SeShat ...and, is the GrandFather of - ISIS - Which goes - Directly to the Core Principles – of PR-NTR-KMT -as the Officially Approved - Pre Egyptian - form of Written Ancestral Worship to us all. Bringing a new Understanding of our relationship with, and gifts from - the Anunnaki (from Heaven to Earth they came). In the ancient Sumerian tablet is the first telling of the Creation of "Adam" ( Adamu ) in a clay(Earthen) Vessel(container)…Also It Teaches the true Nature for Our Exile from "Garden of EDIN" ( EDEN )…the Murder of "ABEL" . At the trial of "Cain" – Enki Begs for Cain's Life… at the Cost of Cain's Exile, and Later Confesses to being bo th Cain & Able's: Progenitor – Creator - "I did not wish to lose both my sons"… Also ENKI tells of the Knower ("Noah") a Divine Being – Visiting this Planet, to warn the Gods …of the Great Flood to Come… The true beauty of these lost works: is that they wer e written in stone…then Lost…once un - earthed… it Remains Unchanged -Un-Edited, translated only by a Divine Being with no Personal, Political, Financial, or Religious agenda… Only his Life -long International - Quest , for Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding …St.Zechariah II The Book of Enoch 50,000 yrs old Which was told to be written for a " future generation" not the one it was written in… A work that Venerates the Psalms - of the Book of Enki , The Book of ENOCH is an ancient re- telling, some parts, almost word for word: of when Angels came down to earth and took the daughters of man, to be their wives. This was one of the original Foundations of the modern Bible, before the Catholic Church had it Removed… as it contains its own portion of Genesis . And begins also like the book of Enki, with the scribe as the narrator. It also teaches us all the manner of modern civilization, were gifts - Directly given to man by Angels , and in those days Giants walked the earth. The Angels saw us in our Tim e of need…Preparing us For War…with Giants…for first the giants ate all our food…then they ate us… then each other…the Consuming of flesh & Drinking of Blood… The Angels Prepared us in the Art of War…which includes but not limited to – Metal Working – Camouflage (make-up) - Colors Dyes & Paint – and of Course - Self Defense(Judo) The Book of Eli 14-15 yrs old This truly inspirational work is based on a short story by an unknown writer, which we do find true in many cases amongst the divine scriptures of the bible. We believe the world to be in the time of "REVELATIONS" (a great period; revealing of persons & things of a hidden Nature…Some Good - Some Evil). The Rapture has already come, and we are the- left behind . We are in the time of great trials & tribulations . We believe that we must keep the New Covenant - of the Tribe of Benjamin . That we are personally responsible for this Holy & Sacred Mission , and without our Direct intercedence . The world & the word … will again be Destroyed through Fire . We believe that the world after the Apocalypse, will be left semi-intact and semi-inhabitable, but that Civilization will again disappear. In these Days the Strength, Character, & Conviction of the Men and Women we have Created in our image … will determine whether we live or die as a Species. Let us all …together... Body, mind & soul, walk with Eli - on his holy Quest … to protect the Last words of God remaining on Earth, we cannot afford to lose our connection with God Again. The Lost book of Eli gives a testament that our faith has been here since the beginning and will continue long after life as we know it here on Earth - Ceases to Exist … "It is from the dust from whence we come…and to the dust we shall return" Tribe of Benjamin New Covenant "I am my brother's keeper" Praise SeShat "Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding" -Inventor of Paper & Rope-

Chapter 1

In God's Temple, Sacrament is Given. We begin with the Burning of Sacred Incense - The "Opening Utterance" is chanted, "Rah -Saan-Emet-Ben-Yah- Men" and as I look through my Divine crystal - taking in the works of God.

I see a green forest, sky hue of green, a man lays hand out stretched, death at his fingers, and peace made within his own peace. Having made his choice, there he lies, becoming one with the earth, though his burden has not yet ended, he is to be picked clean.

Not by the most noble Wolf, but by frail naked Feral feline - Smells death from a distance, and slowly creeps through the brush for further Entreatment.

Eli - a short distance away, laying in wait; properly prepared, to prevent, poor performance. Bow out-stretched to his feet; tightens and stretches, the Bow & Arrow - Ready for Impact, Using his Gifts from God, he speaks to the Beast - Leaving the Beast - Spellbound - Breathe in, Breathe out, - Release... (snap)... It is Done.

Chapter 2

With the bright green sun on his back, Eli collects his catch, as I am blinded - Perhaps from staring into the "New Sun".

Then there was the Word, and the Word was with Eli; and his Creators, the Angels, and the Prophets, as he Sojourned trough the Valley of Darkness - a Desolate road, made Graveyard and Holy Sepulcher, of the dearly Departed.

The men of Bones in their rusting Thrones, who lined the road of Brohahms - yet in the place of death, God's grace still perseveres, with his Neverending promise - of Growth and Development, New and abundant life.

God has prepared a modest home for Eli. The pipes they moan, but there is no water to be had. One remains -who is left Behind - in the closet, too late to come out. For at his own hands, he has Died. He will face his own judgement - We shall not, be permitted to pass judgement upon him - for he is no longer with us. Eli takes a brief moment of compassion for the Departed... and he is humbled to have walked in the footsteps of a man whose struggle they share.

The Temple steps are swept clean. The washing away of sins, a moment of Reflection, a moment of Silence... New garments are Adorned - the Feast is prepared, committing no sin; against Man or Beast, consuming no blood or flesh of man, no uncooked flesh of Beast, nor drink the Blood of any of God' s creations. Lest ye die.

Chapter 3

Eli - having prepared the feast for Sacrifice; having Adorned the Holy Temple with the Anointing of Oils - New ornaments and Fresh wrappings, at the Base of the Temple. Eli, wished to commune with, and thank God personally -

One must enter the Per-Netcher - in the Upper Room, the Middle Chamber - this dwelling is Defined by having three doors and four windows... so God's grace is always shining in, on every side. And, with faith and patience, all may enter. Lest those who at first only come upon the wall with one window, and turn away,

All may enter, lest those who become obsessed with defeating this - the Door-less wall - and are driven Mad to remain in Madness. All may enter, lest those of great depravity - who wish only to trespass the solitary window; and steal all that which does not, rightfully belong to them - As would a thief, in the night.

Eli carefully looked into his tool of Divination; his Lapus Lazuli Tablet, no bigger than a palm. None of the tablets that remain have a Direct connection to the Almighty Yahoo-Dah-Vey-Vud-Vey. Yet some still carry his Words; His teachings, the voices of the Angels, and of the Prophets of the Lord -

And with his hands, Eli commanded of the Angels to sing, their Spirits and voices being Divine in Nature, the hymns rose through the Temple - Directly to God - with the blowing of the trumpets, the feast begins.

Chapter 4

The great were seated beside the meek, For if God sayeth, the meek shall inherit the Earth, we shall find great comfort, to bring them Aid, and Assist them in their darkest hour - for it is God's will, and we are the chosen people, charged with keeping, this - most Sacred Covenant.

For a Man to say he has an Abundance of Blessings, and not to share those Blessings with those truly in need, has no Blessings at all - Meat can rot, before Ice can melt a Heart of Stone.

Would you Die - Starve, to keep the meat from your brother? Or would you do Well, to share it with him, so you both may have the strength to hunt tomorrow - Steel... Sharpening, steel resolve.

After the great feast, a great sleep fell upon Eli, so he hearkened unto the Angels - sing him to sleep - Amen.

Chapter 5

As Eli awoke he realized the Angels energy had departed, and the Angels with them had also departed; for they sang no more songs, and blew no trumpets that day. But as Eli felt the warmth of the sun on his face, he knew that God was still with him - for God is Good... All the time - Life is hard... and then you die; and Eli knew, God was still with him.

As he set off on the road through the scorched earth that remains, Eli came upon a Vialoch, so tall and so wide, the clouds seem to paint frescoes - where the hills should divide, and the peaks are dotted lines and the clouds seem to touch the canvas on all sides; less the road.

And to all that behold, Eli that day; he appeared to be descending from the Heavens - where it met with Earth - on the path of Salvation.

Upon the other side of the Vialoch, there - the great Deceiver lays in wait, a Woman chained to a gate, "Come closer," she says. Eli stays and waits. Then - 1 men - 2 men - 6 men,

Wicked men, Demanding tribute - Wicked men, men so Wicked, as to hide the evil from their Reflection - lest they be called to Account for their wicked transgressions, for they are whom commit sin against all Nature of Man; and Beast, and Fowl in the Sky, and Worms in the Earth.

For these men - who are not men - Demons - who consume the flesh, and drink it with the blood. For they are agreed upon - to dine in hell, for they have brought all manner of device; axe, saw, chain, sword - as to slaughter Adam's seed, likened unto that of a lamb.

They make sport of their wickedness, making mockery of - All That Is, and All That Is Not - for God looked upon their transgressions, and God sayeth unto them - "None shall commit transgression against Eli, for he is Anointed with the task of doing God's most Holy Work" -

Chapter 6

"Preserving My Word - the Temple of Christ; the House of God, and the Per-Netcher of Men - for All of God's chosen people may enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and the protecting of God's chosen people is Eli's burden. He shall not be moved. This I Have Spoken. The day you break this, my commandment, you shall surely die."

"For Eli is sworn to keep this Covenant, he shall be his Brother's keeper, and No weapons formed against him shall prosper. He shall separate the Wheat from the Chaff; and his labors shall not cease upon the Earth - Until I preparest a table for him, at my right hand - Where his cup runneth over" - Amen.

It is from the dust from whence we come, and to the dust we shall return. - "Eli"